The Crew

The People behind 1Recruit and 1Collaborate ...

The Crew

Bronwyn Wiskensjpg.jpg

Bronwyn Wiskens
CEO - Global Projects

James Wiskens - Global Recruitment Director 

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Leah Stretch
Global Recruitment Manager

Across the world and locally, the executive team at 1Recruit enjoys 50+ year's collective recruitment and selection experience across our highly credentialed 1Recruit team. With 15+ years Middle East and Asia expatriate experience, our offices service global markets spanning the UK, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and beyond.

1Collaborate curates business and investment solutions for global clients in a confidential way.  Maximizing strategic partners, collaboration and strategic alliances enables 1Collaborate to consider global solutions that are sustainable, effective, benchmarked and considered.